Full Wireless control

Frame Synchronised and Configurable On The Fly

8K Stereoscopic

High Resolution Master Recordings

Ambisonic Capture

Spatially Accurate Soundscapes

Versatile Multitrack

High Quality Field Recording

Cinematic VR Streaming

Google and Facebook 3D With Spatial Sound

Premium Experience

Rift, Vive, Daydream, GearVR

Accurate Parallax

Optimised Stereo Pupil Distance

Comfortable Geometry

Human Eye Paths Less Distortion

Calibrated Colours

Colour Management For Accurate Recording

Embedded Reference Tools

Test Objects and Master Controls

A unique twenty-four camera 8k 3D cinematic video camera systems capture accurate immersive imagery that truly transports the viewer. The multi-resolution production process suits the highest quality merged wrap-around projection displays, VR/AR headsets and Google cardboard, now and in the future.


High quality Ambisonic and impulse recording equipment is used to capture the acoustic essence of an environment, producing accurate three dimensional soundscapes for your application.

Single frame synchronisation of the cameras image sensors across all frame rates is achieved through a network of twenty-four microcontrollers. This allows both accurate stereoscopic images and structure-from-motion photogrammetry when either the camera or subject is in motion.

A robust wireless link allows the remote live preview of 360 degree views and the adjustment of all camera settings in concert through single commands from a remote workstation.

A portable workstation with a large power pack sufficient to run multiple GPU cards allows the processing and preview of critical 360 takes, scans and 3D audio on location for immediate quality control. This eliminates the need to process data back at the studio and return to reshoot if problems are found. It also allows more flexible creative approaches.


A sophisticated set of tools is used to obtain accurate colour and metrology master shots. These include 360 RAW images, a unique array of precision three dimensional test objects and a twenty-four coordinate dynamic lighting acquisition system. Together these ensure accurate capture.

Highly accurate location determination is a requirement of any precision recording and survey work, we extend this across both our scanning and Photogrammetry by incorporating, real time kinematic Precision GNSS into the Cornerstone Camera.

A location system maintains internet connectivity through a Proxicast Lan-cell enterprise class router. This enables a powerful dedicated local area network for system control whilst enabling location correction service data synchronisation through diverse data paths to the internet via mobile and satellite links.


We develop virtual and augmented reality tools for your enterprise that drive efficiency, reduce cost and improve quality and safety.

For applications such as technical training, operations, maintenance, safety briefing, equipment and facility familiarisation, head-worn Virtual Reality technologies allow workers to develop a deeper understanding and orientation.  Augmented Reality displays allow staff to concentrate on the task at hand, rather than swivelling between their work and a computer or manual.

Together mixed reality enables workers to be more agile and effective in their jobs, be it in a factory, laboratory, warehouse or field service operation.

Accurate VR training simulations enable safer operations.Process-based tasks can be achieved more efficiently with information and tutorials in a heads-up AR display, recreate real work sequences and phases for training purposes using virtual reality equipment for knowledge base queries and workflow navigation,

Mixed reality, the internet of things and big data are interacting across industries, For customers, who want to harness these tools we support a range of technologies for enterprise deployments.

Solutions for Todays and Tomorrow’s Technology

  • Versatile Master Shots and Models

  • Optimised for popular platforms

  • Easy Distribution, Download, Stream or Sideload

  • Operations and Field solutions for the Enterprise

  • Flexible repurposable 3D Assets

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Superb high-resolution stereoscopic, ambisonic captures for powerful storytelling and environment experiences

  • Compelling story telling with factual content development for the arts and cultural heritage sector
  • Recording, documentation and virtual/digital display of museum, gallery collections and heritage assets.
  • Providing the same services to private clients and commercial institutions
  • Provide increased public access to object stories that are contained in collections and associated information.
  • In-house production capability with key partners
  • Exhibitions, installations and events with key partners
  • Additional audio-visual and multimedia production
  • Creation and delivery of educational cultural content to education and learning providers


We develop virtual reality tools for your enterprise that drive efficiency, reduce cost and improve quality and safety


Virtual Reality offers accessible three dimensional representations of mixed data types, enabling greater comprehension and fast assessments


ΔVR system and mobile studio delivers cutting edge 360 content for the BBC

The filming was timed to to coincide with the public testing of the world’s fastest car in October 2017. Narrated by Top Gear’s Chris Harris the film went viral, trending #2 on YouTube, as well as gaining more than 650,000 views on Facebook achieving over 1.1 million online views in three days.

The period of time people watched the film for was three times that seen as standard for Facebook and Youtube streaming videos, further confirming that  360 storytelling via streaming media is engaging the audience at a more than superficial level.

Originally shot in 8K 3D ambisonic along with a selection of more compact professional cameras  the shots subsequently being lowered in resolution and compressed to extend accessibility to the broadest number of devices.  The challenge was different to that of obtaining painstaking accuracy, instead it was one of  fully capitalising upon the systems delivery potential under very tight time constraints both on the one-time shoot and during the short post production which entailed all footage being stitched on our portable system.  This would not have been possible without the sterling work carried out by Producer-Director Andrew Brown of (Defecto Films), 360 editor  – Mike Chapman, Camera – Spencer Marsden (BBC), Location Sound – Jimmi Stewart, Sound Design – Chris Timpson and John Hendicott (Aurelia Soundworks) and of course narrator Chris Harris, Executive producer Sam Smith and the BBC

Media Analysis shows over 1.1 million views in three days Check out the Media Report from Mettle PR


The ΔVR Camera system displayed at the BBC

The BBC held its VR Box event providing an opportunity for people to encounter high quality Virtual Reality for the first time.  The day consisted of a number of presentations including BBC R&D.

The ΔVR  Camera system was on display resulting in a stream of questions from passers many of whom thought it might be a robot!  Later in the day we demonstrated some transporting natural scenes from around britain that were captured by the system in cinematic  360 3D video with spatial sound.

It became apparent that many people had tried “VR” in the form of low resolution streaming on cardboard equivalents and gimmick scenes, however, four minutes spent in a higher quality experience made a complete change to their assessment of the technology.


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